Smarter Than Derringer

Are you Smarter Than Derringer? You now have TWO chances to prove it!

Join Derringer in the Morning weekdays at around 6:45 and 8:45. Caller 7 at 416-870-ROCK or 416-870-ROLL will be given 40 seconds to answer 5 trivia questions. Derringer will be given 30 seconds to answer those same questions. If you can answer more questions correctly, you’ll win bragging rights for being Smarter Than Derringer. Only from Toronto’s Rock Station, Q107.

Listen all week for your chance to win a $100 Gift Card to Monte Carlo Inns at 6:45 and 8:45.

“Stay Warm and Stay Wonderful with the Monte Carlo Inns Winter Promotion. Book your stay at the and receive 20% off their Luxury Suites with the promo code WINTER.”