LISTEN: The Best of Derringer in the Morning – April 5th, 2018

Did you miss out on Derringer in the Morning? Here’s the best of the best of what was talked about today!

Definitely Derringer from Wednesday April 4th, 2018


Safest Cities in the World

Yay for us! Toronto is ranked #4 when it comes to safest cities in the world – right behind Tokyo, Singapore and Osaka. Not bad, if you ask us!


How to keep your kids active while playing video games

If you have kids, you likely know the struggle when it comes to video games. You have to hear what one father did to make sure his kids were getting the exercise they need while playing video games. Brilliant? Or too much?


Dash Cams Catch Everything… 

This story proves why it’s a good idea to install a dash cam. Enough said!


Who Does The Dishes? 

Apparenlty women in heterosexual relationships who do the majority of the dishes have lower relationship satisfaction, and less sexual satisfaction than women who split the dishes with their partner. They say marriage is all about compromise, right? So maybe 50/50 is the way to go with this one!


Tell A Lie Day 

April 5th is ‘Tell A Lie Day’, so Ryan tells us the things people lie about the most (or maybe he’s lying about them?).




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