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The Daily Derringer Podcast from May 8th, 2018. 


That’s a lot of damage!

Ryan had a crappy start to his day. For the SECOND time in a month, he hit a raccoon on his way in to work. Poor guy can’t catch a break! Derringer made him feel a little better about the situation, with a story about a kid who caused over $500,000 worth of damage to a Mclaren 720, and a parked Audi R8.



Ryan warns the single ladies about a California man who keeps pulling the ol’ dine-and-dash on first dates. Apparently he’ll go all out by ordering steak and shrimp, eat, and then go out to his car and not return! What a jerk! Have you ever been the victim of a dine-and-dash?


National Nurses Week 

It’s certainly not an easy job. We pay tribute to nurses, as it’s National Nurses Week! Derringer quizzes us on some of the famous nurses in television and movies. How many can you get?


Vampire Facials

Would you be into this sort of thing? They call it a Vampire Facial, and we can understand why! They take the blood from your arm, separate the plasma, and inject it back into your face. It looks like something out of a scary movie!

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