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The Daily Derringer Podcast from May 11th, 2018. 


Frozen Dinners Are BACK!

Frozen food is making a comeback thanks to millennials! Derringer and Ryan are a little emotional over it, because it means they can finally relate to the younger generation – it will finally bring us all together. When was the last time you had a frozen dinner?


More Royal Wedding Drama

The Royal Wedding is just around the corner, and with that (like many weddings) comes some family drama! Apparently Meghan Markle’s dad staged some paparazzi shots for $100,000. Busted!


Always Have An Out!

No matter what you’re doing, you’ve always gotta have an out. Derringer loves his crime shows, and the one he saw over the weekend was about a guy who committed fraud, but didn’t have an out. He got 20 years in the slammer for mail theft of about $60,000. He took what could have been a pretty decent idea and flushed it!


Different Actors, Same Role

We don’t know the full details, but Clayne Crawford was recently fired from the show Lethal Weapon, and is being replaced by Seann William Scott. This inspired Ryan to quiz us on some movies and shows that had different actors play the same role.

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