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The Daily Derringer Podcast from May 15th, 2018. 

Today is Greater Toronto Day! Help make the GTA a GREATER place to live by doing simple acts of kindness. Help someone carry their groceries to the car, buy the next person in line a coffee, or donate clothes you no longer wear – no deed is too small. The best part? You can brag about it! Share your good deed on social media with the hashtag #GreaterTorontoDay for a chance at winning a $1,000 donation to a local GTA charity of your choice.
Yanny or Laurel? 
Do you remember the dress debate? There was a picture of a dress going around a couple of years ago – some people saw a white and gold dress, while others saw black and blue. We have a new one for you, and this one comes in audio form! Have a listen to the audio we play. What do you hear; Yanny or Laurel? This one has Ryan going crazy!
Sometimes You Need More Than A Push… 
What would you do if you had a 30-year-old son who wouldn’t move out of your house? There comes a point where a little ‘push’ just isn’t enough anymore. Ryan tells us about a family that just wants their 30-year-old son to move out… so they got a lawyer involved!
She Still Loves Him… 
‘Finding love isn’t always perfect…’ This is the story that keeps on giving. The woman who sent 65,000 texts to the guy she went on ONE date with has spoken. She claims she’s not angry, and still loves the guy. Yikes!

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