Cutting U.S. troops in Afghanistan reduces Taliban incentive for peace deal: ex-commander

WATCH: After 17 years of war, Afghanistan could fall to Taliban

WASHINGTON – The former top U.S. commander in Afghanistan says that withdrawing up to half the 14,000 American troops serving there reduces the incentive for the Taliban to negotiate a peace deal after more than 17 years of war.

Retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal says on ABC’s “This Week” that the U.S. has “basically traded away the biggest leverage point we have.”

McChrystal also says he’s worried that the Afghan people will lose confidence in the U.S. as an ally that can be counted on.

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McChrystal’s comments were in response to reports of the Pentagon developing plans to withdraw thousands of American troops.

He also was critical of President Donald Trump personally, saying he doesn’t believe Trump tells the truth.

When asked if Trump is immoral, McChrystal responded: “I think he is.”

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