Rugby Nova Scotia says safety key focus as it manages high school season

A Rugby Nova Scotia official says the group is aiming to make the sport safer at the high school level as it seeks more influence over the sport’s administration.

Rugby Nova Scotia took responsibility for the remainder of the season after the governing body for high school athletics lifted a briefly imposed ban this week.

Provincial coach Jack Hanratty says with about three games remaining before the season concludes over the June 1 weekend, his organization is emphasizing a renewed focus on safety with coaches, players and officials.

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He says he helped run a tackle safety clinic on Wednesday at the request of a Cape Breton high school principal.

Hanratty says Rugby Nova Scotia will have a chance this summer to see if some change can be mandated around the structure of the high school season and such issues as safe and proper tackling.

He said it would be particularly important that new players be required to take an introduction-to-contact session run by qualified instructors.

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