WATCH: Dog poop mysteriously appears on condo owner's balcony...mystery finally solved

It’s one thing to find someone hasn’t cleaned up after their dog on your front lawn but on your condo balcony? How did that get there?

Mystery finally solved.

eSentrik who lives in the Distillery District couldn’t figure out how dog poop kept appearing on his condo balcony. Finally he caught the culprit in the act.

His neighbour’s dog would squeeze through a tiny opening underneath the barrier that separates their balconies.

WARNING: NSFW due to explicit language…

The story was updated on Reddit with what happened next…


My neighbour finally came to clean it up, 7 hours after I knocked on his door to complain about it. After waiting about an hour, I reported it to the concierge, who sent cleaning staff to my unit to scoop it up.

His excuse was that “Shes just a dog and doesn’t know any better. I thought I had it blocked off” as if never walking your dog, and raining sh** down onto your neighbours below is all well and good.​


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