Weekly Survey: What are the best songs for testing out headphones before you buy?

We all buy headphones, which is why this is a multi-billion-dollar business. And given that some ‘phones can cost a lot, we’re generally really picky when it comes to buying that new pair.

True, we all have different ears and unique ways of perceiving sound, but there are things we all listen for: tight bass response, smooth midrange, highs that aren’t shrill, an ability to provide sonic definition at a variety of volumes, etc.

As a result, plenty of people have go-to songs when it comes to testing new headphones. What’s your headphone tester?

For me, it’s this: https://youtu.be/zaGUr6wzyT8 A proper copy of this song has tight, well-defined bass and very demanding highs. If a set of headphones can handle this song, chances are they’ll be good for everything else.

But what about you? Gimme some songs that show whether a pair of headphones are worth the expense.

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