Oregon baby unharmed after falling 8 feet down heating vent

WATCH: Firefighters were able to rescue Saydie Reedy's 10-month-old baby, Kolson, after he went inside the home's heating duct vent.

An Oregon baby found himself a new place to play — and it just so happened to be eight feet down a heating vent.

Saydie Jade Reedy, mom to Kolson and Jackson Reedy, was checking in on her sons on Jan. 15 when she realized her youngest was missing.

“My oldest came running to me calmly saying ‘baby in,'” Reedy explained to KMTR-TV. “He has apraxia, which is a speech disorder, and doesn’t communicate well.”

“I searched the whole house for baby brother and noticed the vent gate was pulled up.”

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That was when she realized her 10-month-old had fallen down the heating vent of their 1920s-era Coburg, Ore. home.

Reedy called for help immediately, and police and firefighters arrived at the home in minutes. They began tearing up the flooring around the vent, with one asking how to access the crawlspace, the Oregonian reported.

The officer went inside the crawlspace, removed the air duct and found Kolson there, unscathed save for some minor scratches. He didn’t seem that bothered by it at all, in fact.

When Reedy figured out her son fell in the vent, she called first responders who arrived at her home within minutes.

When Reedy figured out her son fell in the vent, she called first responders who arrived at her home within minutes.

Saydie Jade Reedy

“He didn’t break character once,” Reedy told the local newspaper. “When the officer lifted him up out of the crawlspace and handed up, the first thing he did was glare at the officer.”

“I was pretty anxious. I thought to myself, ‘Who loses a kid in a vent?’ But a lot of people have reached out and shared their own stories of things their kids have done,” she continued.

The Coburg Police Department shared a sweet photo of an officer holding Kolson. Reedy brought her son for a visit to thank the officers for their quick work in rescuing him.

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“CPD got a little visitor,” they wrote on Facebook. “We’re thankful our officers and our partners at Coburg Fire District were at the right place at the right time.”

Thankfully, Kolson didn’t sustain any bad injuries thanks to his curiosity. Reedy told Global News that “he’s completely healed now and ornery as ever.”


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