Trudeau to attend international meetings in Rwanda, Germany

WATCH ABOVE: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Kigali, Rwanda for the Commonwealth summit. David Akin looks at what's on the agenda, including Trudeau's plan to focus on Russia's war in Ukraine, and on countries that have yet to condemn the invasion.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to leave for a 10-day international trip this evening, with the RussiaUkraine conflict expected to be a major focus.

He will first fly to Kigali, Rwanda, tonight to meet with the heads of the Commonwealth nations for the first time since 2018.

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The trip also takes him to Germany for the G7 Summit and then on to Madrid for a NATO Summit.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is planning to address leaders at both of those summits, as he continues to meet with world leaders to ask for financial and military support.

Trudeau has finished a 10-day isolation period that just fit between his return from the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles on June 11 and his departure for this stretch of travel.

The Prime Minister’s Office says he began feeling symptoms of COVID-19 on June 11 after arriving in Canada and tested positive for the virus for a second time this year on June 13.

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