Blue Rodeo @ Massey Hall

What marks the success of a great band: Is it their ability to produce a hit, or to sell-out concerts, or to have hit records? And, for a band to be considered ‘great’, how long do they need to be successful in their careers before they can be promoted to a ‘great’-band? Any band striving to obtain the ‘great’ status needs only to study the trajectory of one of Canada’s greatest bands, Blue Rodeo,  and they will start to find out what it takes. Their performance at Massey Hall, on February 2nd would be a great place for them to start…

Blue Rodeo are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their first record, Outskirts, in 2017, and also the release of their 15th studio album, 1000 Arms, in 2016. Over the course of their 30+ year career, Blue Rodeo has been delivering hits for years, and their level of performance has proven timeless. Jim Cuddy’s highs are cohesive with Greg Keelor’s lows, showing that their harmonies are as strong as ever. Their vocal harmonies soared during their performances of “Rose Coloured Glasses” and “Heart Like Mine”. Blue Rodeo was sure to touch on the hits, such as: “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet”, “Til I Am Myself Again”, and “Try”, but the most special moment of the night came during the final song of the night.

As Blue Rodeo began to play their 1992-hit, “Lost Together” during their encore, one of Canada’s favourite sons, and Tragically Hip-vocalist, Gord Downie, joined them onstage. Mr. Downie was given a guest vocalist spot during the second verse, that gave off goose-bumbs. Gord’s signature vocals filled Massey Hall, and reminded the audience that, at least in this one moment, that the world can stand still and be good.

With Gordon Lightfoot in attendance for this special performance, it was a night to celebrate Blue Rodeo, great music, and our great country.  Thank you to Blue Rodeo for reminding us why you are in the upper-echelon of Canadian music history; Massey Hall’s performance was a night for the ages.

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