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  • Classic Christmas Weekend

    Classic Christmas Weekend

    The holiday season is here which means you hear nothing but Christmas music everywhere! But don’t you want to hear the holiday favourites you love? With Q107’s Classic Christmas Weekend you can. Starting Friday, December 22nd at 3:00pm, will start spinning your favourite yuletide tunes but you need to let us know what’s on your list. […]

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  • Ryan’s Rapid Fire

    Ryan’s Rapid Fire

    Are you quick on the draw to answer questions correctly? Well that could win you up to $1,000 with Ryan’s Rapid Fire. Every weekday at 6:30am we’ll play Ryan’s Rapid Fire. Call into 416-870-ROCK or 416-870-ROLL. You’ll have 1 minute to answer 10 questions. Each correctly answered question gets you $10 and if you answer all […]

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  • Q107’s Jingle Jam

    Q107’s Jingle Jam

    It’s that time of year when Christmas music is everywhere! With Q107’s Jingle Jam, it only takes one Christmas song to score you a sunny holiday. Listen to Derringer in the Morning with Jennifer Valentyne each Monday at 7:00am for the Q107 Jingle Jam. When you hear it later in the week between 7:00am-6:00pm from […]

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  • Breakfast with Derringer: Christmas Special

    Breakfast with Derringer: Christmas Special

    The Breakfast With Derringer Christmas Special is back with G&G Electronics! Enter now to win your way in to this awesome Derringer in the Morning event live at Corus Quay on Thursday, December 21st! Join Derringer, Jenn, Ryan and Flairboy as they spread the holiday cheer and dish out awesome prizes including a one of a […]

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