Psychedelics: The Experiential Exhibition

  • Psychedelics: The Experiential Exhibition is Canada’s first immersive art show exploring the past, present and future of psychedelics in downtown Toronto (1573 Bloor St. W.).
  •  The show features a 12,000-square-foot collection of carefully curated artifacts and original installations from more than 22 acclaimed local and international artists, including GMUNK and Clandestinos.
  • We’re seeing significant change in the way psychedelic substances are used and perceived. The testimonials are undeniable: patients with serious mental health conditions like PTSD, depression, anxiety or addiction are trying psychedelic therapies — when nothing else has worked — and reporting life-altering benefits,” says James Drayton, the producer of Psychedelics: The Experiential Exhibition. “My goal with the show is to, first and foremost, provide guests with an entertaining and eye-opening experience. My hope is that it also encourages learning, dialogue, and ultimately, destigmatization.”