Disney Animation: Immersive Experience

Immersive Disney Animation had its world premiere in Toronto in December 2022 and has been extended by popular demand through Labour Day. Featured songs include “Under the Sea”, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, “Circle of Life” and more Immersive Disney Animation is now playing or will soon open in 12 cities across North America, in addition to Tokyo. Brought to you by Lighthouse Immersive, producers of the blockbuster Immersive Van Gogh. Lighthouse Immersive’s Global Creative Director David Korins takes audiences on a journey through the Disney Animation vaults to get an up-close look at how these beloved characters and stories took shape, and the artists and animators behind them, with interactive lobby elements in each venue. Magic for the Whole Family.  Perfect for Mother’s Day!

Tickets a disneyimmersive.com