Shayne’s Shore Run 2018

Shayne’s Shore Run is a charity run to raise both funds and awareness for Youth Mental Health and the Transitional Aged Youth Program (TAY) at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. TAY is a new program designed to help those youth transition between the adolescent years to the adult programs, specifically ages 16 -26 years of age dealing with trauma, depression, mood and anxiety disorders. Offering a safe place to find assistance, acceptance, peer support, a psychiatrist, social worker, and psychologist to help them develop the necessary skills to cope with everyday challenges and be successful.

Youth between the ages of 17 – 27 years are in transition and at the age of 18 “age “out of the adolescent services. As a result youth are left with no “real” services in the adult system often having to again wait 2 – 3 years. One day the youth is fully supported and the next day after turning 18, lose all their supports and services. Most individuals are not even able to find access or recover within the adult mental health sector. Approximately 75% of the adult mental illness occurs during the adolescent and transitional ages, yet these youth cannot find timely support or services. If youth and young adults are able to find and access timely support they will be able to recover and cope and not be a burden on social services/community services/or become street kids. A study done by MHCC, 2013 indicated that if mental illness was reduced by 10% in the adolescent transitional period, after 10 years the saving to the community economy would be at least $4 Billion/year.

Please help to raise awareness and support our youth in their struggles. Sign up to volunteer or come out and join in the family event to promote a healthy mind and body for ourselves, our community and our children!