Illumi by Cavalia (All Summer Long)

illumi – All Summer Long

  • First summer edition in Toronto following great success in illumi Laval
  • Tickets on sale now until September 3rd
  • Warm temperatures allow people to come in comfortable clothes, be more immersed in the experience, spend even more time taking in the magic.
  • Ice cream, funnel cake, and slushies. Visitors can enjoy cold treats on the stunning walking journey.
  • Tickets on sale at, they’re selling out quickly!
  • Free Parking

Doggie Night

  • July 17
  • Visitors will be able to discover the 14 magical universes accompanied by their dog for the first time in Toronto
  • This special evening is clearly identified on the site calendar at
  • PS: Even if you don’t have a dog, you are welcome!

Hot Summer Prices

  • Toddlers: Starting at $5

Children: Starting at $12

Youth: Starting at $17

General admission: Starting at $22


Illumi Facts

  • Illumi – All Summer Long! June 29 – September 3
  • The most magical summer outing for the entire family!
  • Breathtaking date night spot in the GTA
  • The biggest outdoor light, sound and multimedia show in the world!
  • A magical and extraordinary nocturnal outdoor journey
  • 20 million+ LED lights, thousands of structures, in 14 magical universes
  • on a 600,000 square feet site, the equivalent of 10 football fields!
  • With warm weather, experience a magical walk under the stars like never before!
  • Tickets on sale now!


Our Favourite Summer Universes


The most extraordinary summer experience in Toronto is immersing yourself in a vibrant safari among majestic wild animals. Stretch your neck to admire the giraffes in all their splendour as they’re closely eyed by herds of elephants and zebras. Enjoy flamboyant flamingos in the multi-coloured trees and be dazzled by the majestic swans.


It was an unusually dark and stormy night. To everyone’s surprise, many colorful aliens landed at illumi bringing along their favorite meal: giant candies! Decadent cakes and ice cream cones, lollipops and doughnuts fit for giants, and all kinds of candy are now a part of this dazzling light adventure. And it’s pure paradise!

A fun fact about the large lit desserts is that they’re based on drawings done by children. That’s why the cakes, lollipops and other candies are topsy turvy in this universe.


Love is in the air this summer. At illumi, LED lights and delicate florals line every inch of our 30-metre-long light tunnel where anything is possible. This kaleidoscopic corridor is the most impressive tunnel of lights ever presented. As you move through it, the light tricks that form this tunnel transform reality into a colorful adventure where space and time no longer exist.