Get the Led Out

Dubbed by the media as “The American Led Zeppelin,” Get the Led Out RETURN to the Living Arts Centre for a fourth time!

From the bombastic and epic, to the folky and mystical, Get The Led Out (GTLO) have captured the essence of the recorded music of Led Zeppelin and brought it to the concert stage. The Philadelphia-based group consists of six veteran musicians, intent on delivering Led Zeppelin Live like you’ve never heard before!

Utilizing the multi-instrumentalists at their disposal, GTLO re-create the songs in all their depth and glory with the studio overdubs that Zeppelin themselves never performed. When you hear three guitars on the album…GTLO delivers three guitarists on stage. No wigs or fake English accents, GTLO brings what the audience wants…a high energy Zeppelin concert with an honest, heart-thumping intensity!

A GTLO concert mimics the “light and shade” that embody “The Mighty Zep.” Whether it’s the passion and fury with which they deliver the blues-soaked, groove-driven rock anthems, or their attention to detail and nuance, a Get The Led Out performance is a truly awe-inspiring event!


“Get The Led Out is one of the best live concert experiences that fans of real rock and roll will ever have… able to take the vivid, resonant sound of the legendary albums of Led Zeppelin and bring that comprehensive experience to the live stage…they will take you back in a time machine, and it will be as close as you will ever get to enjoy the wonderful and sheer glory of these timeless songs. Simply BRILLIANT.”

– (2016)


via Living Arts Centre