Led Zeppelin 2 has it all: Drum solos!  Guitar solos!  Lemons!
Zep fans are unrelenting in their love for the band. Many people don’t realize that during the 70s, no other band or artist came close to selling as many albums as Led Zeppelin. At the time the critics were panning them and making fun of them. But the people spoke. They bought the albums and went to the concerts. The nerdy naysayers were left licking their wounds. No Grammys. No number one singles. No singles! Led Zeppelin were the people’s band. And Led Zeppelin 2 was their call to arms.

Every rock musician who picks up an instrument gravitates toward Zep. Every musician says they can play Zep., but most can’t. There’s an undefinable quality to their music. Classic Albums Live has put together what they feel is the greatest Led Zeppelin band in the world. Come out and revel in one of the greatest albums ever made!

Intermission will take place after the album is complete, and will be followed by a 2nd set of Led Zeppelin favourites and deep tracks.

Age Restrictions:  7+