Canada Day Drive In Concert Q107

Q107’s Great Canadian Concert Drive In

Make your Canada Day rock with Q107’s Great Canadian Drive In! Join the Q Crew for a Canada Day featuring musical tributes to Tom Petty, U2, Journey, Queen and more.

Be sure to tune in as we’ll be giving away passes right up to June 30th!

If you aren’t lucky enough to win, buy yours today and join us.

Check out the show lineup below….

Afternoon Show (2:00 – 6:00 PM)

2:00 Sandra Bouza performs Jagged Little Pill (Tribute to Alannis Morisette)

2:40 We Ain’t Petty (Tribute to Tom Petty)

3:25 Desire (Tribute to U2)

4:10 Just Journey (Tribute to Journey)

5:00 Sheer HeartAttack (Tribute to Queen)

Evening Show (7:00 – 11:00 PM)

7:00 Sandra Bouza performs Jagged Little Pill (Tribute to Alannis Morisette)

7:40 We Ain’t Petty (Tribute to Tom Petty)

8:25 Desire (Tribute to U2)

9:10 Just Journey (Tribute to Journey)

10:00 Sheer HeartAttack (Tribute to Queen)

The first 107 people will receive an exclusive Q Canada Day mask, thanks to our friends at Promo Guyz. Celebrate Canada Day with us! Q107’s Great Canadian Drive In from Toronto’s Rock Station Q107.