LISTEN: The Best of Derringer in the Morning – June 8th, 2018

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The Daily Derringer Podcast from June 7th, 2018. 

Ovi and Dougie Day 
Whether you’re happy with the results or not, there were two victories last night… Dougie won the election and Ovi won the cup!
Always Tired
We understand the struggle when it comes to being sleepy, but we’re not getting ‘Always Tired’ tattooed on ourselves anytime soon. Rapper Post Malone did just that… on his face. Ouch! Hey, it’s an extremely relatable tattoo!
Lottery Winner Disguise
Could you imagine winning a multi-million dollar lottery? You’d probably hear from a lot of people you haven’t heard from in ages… and you’d probably want to disguise yourself, right? That’s what one woman did in order to protect herself. She showed up wearing an emoji mask! Awesome.

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