Study: We stop listening to new music at age 30

I know some diehard music lovers will balk at this but I see a lot of truth to it in people I know.  A British study by a music streaming service called Deezer found the age when most people stop listening to new music is around 30 years old. Nearly half (47%) of them wish they could spend time discovering new music but life gets in the way.

Some (19%) are overwhelmed with the amount of new music, some say a demanding job (16%) prevents them from listening to and discovering new music and others are busy with the kids (11%).

I get that there is so much out there but turn on the radio for crying out loud there’s plenty of new music stations. What I hear most is that people don’t like the style of new music that’s out there. The manufactured, auto tuned popular music doesn’t embrace the guitar and drum music of our youth. There’s also the nostalgia factor.

What do you think?


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