Florida moms’ disagreement over parenting styles erupts into brawl at school bus stop

An argument over parenting at a school bus stop in Florida turned nasty as two mothers got into a brawl. One of them was airlifted to hospital after she was slashed with a broken coffee mug.

The fight broke out Tuesday morning in Sarasota County, over what police said was a dispute about parenting tactics, according to local ABC Action News. The verbal dispute lead to Tiffani Cruz smashing a coffee mug over the other mother’s head.

“It was self-defence over an incident that made no sense,” Cruz said.

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Cruz claims she had beef with the unidentified mother in the past and had confronted her for yelling at another child at the bus stop. Then things escalated Tuesday.

“I put my arm up like this and I went to run and that’s when she picked up the glass, ran at me and stabbed me twice in my arm, once at my wrist and in back of my shoulder,” Cruz told ABC.

At least two kids witnessed the fight, telling the news outlet it was “crazy.”

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“Her face was bleeding and stuff,” the kid said.

The unidentified woman was airlifted to hospital after suffering a serious cut to the throat, while Cruz was treated for cuts to her arms.

“I regret the whole incident, there’s no reason it should have happened,” Cruz said. “We’re adults.”

Authorities told the news station that charges are pending.

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