Owner of long lost GoPro found near Kelowna reunited with his camera after five years

Stayton Danylowich lost his GoPro camera five years ago while swimming at the falls at Mill Creek just north of Kelowna. The camera was recently recovered by a construction crew working on the creek. After seeing the footage aired by Global News and identifying himself as the camera's owner, Stayton's family now has the GoPro back.

It’s hard to believe that after five years of freezing, thawing, flooding, and being dragged a kilometer down a creek, a camera could survive.

It’s even harder to believe the lost GoPro could ever be returned to its owner, but the unlikely has happened.

Shortly after seeing video aired by Global News, John Danylowich reached out and said the camera belonged to his son Stayton.

Kelowna GoPro owner found, device lost in creek five years ago

After a conversation with Stayton via Skype, it was determined he was the owner of the long lost camera.

Danylowich received word from his friend Travis — who was also in the video — and was skeptical at first.

“He called me and I answered in the gym, and he’s like ‘dude you’re not going to believe it, someone found your GoPro’,” he said.

“And I just didn’t believe him at all.”

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After seeing the footage of him and his friend on the news though, he was thrilled.

“I was watching it,” he said “I was like no way, this is the craziest thing.”

On Friday, Stayton was in Colorado visiting his brother, so Global News returned the camera, its case and its memory card to his father who lives in Kelowna.

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“He was really disappointed and I think a bit in shock,” said John Danylowitch about when his son lost the camera.

“There one moment, gone the next, you know?”

Stayton will soon return to Kelowna and when he does, he may still be able to capture more memories on his GoPro.

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