5 songs you must hear this week: 05 August 2019

As the midpoint of the heart of the summer passes (I know, I know–we don’t need reminding), we’re starting to look ahead to what we’ll hear in the fall. Meanwhile, there are still some very solid summery songs that require attention.

1. Hobo Johnson and The Love Makers, Typical Story
The Fall of Hobo Johnson (Reprise)
Recommend If You Like: Funny, slightly unhinged rap-rock

At 19, Frank Lopes Jr was kicked out of his house and lived in his car (a ’94 Corolla, in case you’re interested) as he worked in a pizza restaurant. By the end of 2016, he was well into releasing material, first as Homeless Johnson and then just Hobo Johnson. Now onto his third album, The Fall of Hobo Johnson (a sequel to The Rise of Hobo Johnson), he serves up this song about a party where things go a little sideways.

2. Third Eye Blind, Screamer
Screamer (Mega Collider)
RIYL: Alt-rock of the late 90s

When the song starts, you might think that you’ve stumbled on a new Arcade Fire. That lasts about 25 seconds before Stephen Jenkins’ distinctive voice comes in and you go “Oh, yeah. The Semi-Charmed Life guy from the late 90s.” The woman on the track is Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells. Nice stuff. The album is out October 18.


3. Single Mothers, Metropolis
Single (For Now) (Dine Alone)
RIYL: Music for the pissed-off

Love at first listen for me. These guys. They’re a four-piece—all dudes—from London, Ontario, with sneery shouty vocals angry about being kicked out of an apartment when a new landlord bought the building. They’re touring with Off with Their Heads and Cancer Bats this summer.


4. Tegan + Sara, I’ll Be Back Someday
Hey, I’m Just Like You (Sire)
RIYL: Tapes from the past

T+S’s new album isn’t exactly new. It’ll contain re-recordings of some unreleased demos they recorded as teenagers and will be slightly rockier than anything they’ve released over the last few years. The demos were found on some old cassettes that featured material they wrote between the ages of 15 and 17. “These aren’t too bad,” they thought. “Let’s see what we can do with these songs as adults.” The album will be out September 27.


5. Fade Always, As They Do
Take the Light With You (Fontana North)
RIYL: Oasis-influenced Britpop

An extremely good track from a Toronto featuring elements of both 90s-style Britpop cut with a little bit of psych. I had this playing in the car with the windows down and I had to really watch my speed. Easily my favourite song on this week’s list. If you find yourself singing the chorus, track down the group’s debut EP which was released back in January.

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