Phoenix man shoots self in face trying to quiet down neighbours

An Arizona man accidentally shot himself in the face when firing a round to quiet his neighbours, Phoenix police report.

According to KXNV, police officials responded to gunshot reports coming from an apartment building on Sunday night. Upon arrival, a man was found with a gunshot injury to his face.

Police sergeant Vince Lewis explained to KTAR that the injured man “had banged on the door, yelling at them, trying to make contact during this argument.”

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It’s alleged that the anonymous man returned to his apartment and fired several shots into his ceiling, resulting in personal injury.

It’s unknown exactly how the bullet ended up in the man’s face, but police are still investigating. Newsweek reports that the man was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Just last week, a Michigan man accidentally shot himself in the face while raccoon hunting, Mlive reported at the time.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said, according to the publication, that the 63-year-old was hunting in Norvell Township when his .22 calibre rifle went off, injuring his face.

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He was taken to the hospital by ambulance after walking to a nearby residence for assistance.

This accidental injury is also still under investigation by officials.

According to a study released in 2017, there are 355 firearm injuries every year in Canada.

The study done by Doctors from the Hospital for Sick Children and the Institute for Clinical Evaluation Sciences looked at all gun violence injuries involving youth under 25 between 2008 and 2012.

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“When we looked at the total number of firearm injuries, we were astounded that one child or youth a day in Ontario is injured by a firearm … this is the first study to show the magnitude of the problem,” Dr. Natasha Saunders, the study’s lead author, told Global News.

Saunders is a staff pediatrician at SickKids, a University of Toronto professor and an ICES scientist.

Out of 355 firearm injuries that occur every year, those injuries result in death for 23 to 25 youth.

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