Weekly survey: Why is Nickelback so despised?

One of the things that has always baffled me is the universal hate that’s directed towards Nickelback. When the band first came to our attention in the late 90s, they were considered to be a very competent rock band. But somewhere around 2005 or 2006, things tipped in a weird direction. Overnight, they became The Most Hated Band in the World. Why?

I’ve always thought that Nickelback hate is way overblown and far, far out of proportion. What’s the source of this? Explain it to me.

You may or may not like the band or their music, which is fine. But what I’m looking for is an explanation for the disproportionate amount of hate and ridicule they get. There are plenty of other bands who do exactly what Nickelback does without taking the same amount of abuse.

What’s your take? And don’t just say “THEY SUCK!!!” or something similarly unhelpful. As one serious music fan to another, give me your thoughts on why so many people beat up on Nickelback.

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