Prize Winners:  Frequently Asked Questions


Your prizes can be picked up at Main Reception at 25 Dockside Drive.

25 Dockside Drive (Queens Quay and Lower Jarvis)

Pick-up hours are 8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. You can call us at 416-479-7000 or 416-479-7049.

Holiday Hours:

Monday, July 2nd – CLOSED
Monday, August 6th- CLOSED
Monday, September 3rd – CLOSED

What should I bring?

Any form of government issued photo id.

Can Someone Other Than Myself Pick Up My Prize?

Someone else can pick up your prize as long as they have a photocopy of your ID, and a note from you allowing them to collect your prize. Some conditions may apply, ie: for grand prizes, trips or other large item giveaways you the winner may need to be present in order to pick it up.

If you have won a cheque (money) or a Grand Prize, you cannot have someone pick that up for you on your behalf. You must pick it up yourself or make arrangements with the Promotions Department to have it mailed out.

When Can I Win Again?

We like to keep things fair for everyone so unfortunately you can win once every sixty (60) days, That means concert tickets, gift cards, cash prizes or trips.

How Much Time Do I Have to Pick Up My Prize?

We’ll hold on to your prize for 60 days after the day you win or the date we call you to let you that the prize is in. If you can’t make it in within the 2 month time frame, please notify promotions and arrangements will be made to hold the prize for longer. You will be notified about grand prize deadlines by our promo team. If it’s concert tickets, we’ll hold on to them until the date of the show.

Can You Mail My Prize To Me?

We can mail out your prize but you do take the risk of having your prize mailed out. It may get lost in the mail or not arrive to you on time, if the prize is time sensitive. It’s a rare occurrence but we want to make sure you know about the risk!

Prizes cannot be exchanged.

Prizes are non-transferable.

For full contest and prizing rules click here

Any questions, feel free to call us 416-479-7049 or 416-479-7000.

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