Loblaws bread scandal - Is a $25 gift card enough of an apology?

Near the end of last year we learned of a 14-yr long price-fixing scandal involving Loblaws, Weston Bakeries & Canada Bread Co. Ltd. The Competition Bureau continue their investigation. Under the “immunity and leniency” program, which gives incentives for parties in exchange for co-operation against others involved in the cartel, Loblaw and George Weston won’t face criminal charges.
However, Loblaws is currently offering a $25 gift card for those affected by the scandal…”Breadgate” if you will!! Apparently, this gift card idea isn’t sitting well with the public! A survey by “Caddle.ca”  has revealed that the majority of folks feel the $25 gift card peace offering is inadequate. They surveyed 10,000 people and the results are in!
(Caddle, is a Canadian mobile focus group and consumer savings app, based in St. Catharines)

Key findings:

  • 69% of Canadians felt a $25 gift card was NOT enough of a goodwill gesture;
  • 35% of respondents felt $200 or more would be an appropriate amount of money;
  • 26% of Canadians said they would shop less at Loblaws stores;
  • 10% of respondents said they would no longer shop at Loblaws; and
  • 55% of Canadians were NOT surprised by the bread-fixing scandal.

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