Taiwan quake triggers tsunami-like conditions inside restaurant fish ponds

WATCH ABOVE: Surveillance cameras capture dramatic spills caused by an earthquake that devastated Taiwan city on Tuesday.

Surveillance cameras captured dramatic spills caused by the earthquake that hit Taiwan on Tuesday.

Footage showed two “live prawn fishing” restaurants with indoor ponds reacting to the tremor with massive waves crashing onto furniture before flooding the restaurants.

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The intense shaking triggered waves in the ponds that resembled tsunamis, similar to those created by shocks deep below the ocean.

Rescue crews continued efforts on Friday to locate seven people still missing from a 12-storey residential building that was left tilting at a 45-degree angle.

At least 12 people were killed, including two Canadians, when the 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck 22 kilometres east-northeast of Hualien at a depth of one kilometre.

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