LISTEN: The Best of Derringer in the Morning – March 8th, 2018

Did you miss out on Derringer in the Morning? Here’s the best of the best of what was talked about today!

Definitely Derringer from Wednesday March 7th, 2018


Q107’s Question of the Day | International Women’s Day

Who do you want to give a shout-out to this International Women’s Day? We pay tribute to the amazing women in our lives!


Amelia Earhart

The bones discovered on a Pacific Island apparently belong to Amelia Earhart, according to a new scientific study. We may never know the real answer, but this story is pretty incredible!


Longest. Standoff. Ever. 

This may be the longest standoff in the history of standoffs! We won’t give this one away… but it stinks!


Stun Belts

How about this for a punishment? A judge in Texas decided to use a stun belt to show “power” in the courtroom. When he didn’t like an answer given by the defendant… ZAP! 





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