This is what happens when you pocket-dial your boss

When you think of a list of people you wouldn’t want to accidentally pocket-dial, your boss is probably high on the list. Especially when you just hung up with them and you’re in the middle of pointing out their faults to your spouse. That’s what happened to Georgia worker, James Stephens.

James put his cellphone in his pocket after hanging up with his boss one evening in January 2016. Minutes later he realized that he’d accidentally pocket-dialed or butt-dialed if you will his boss. By then, he’d had a conversation with his wife about, among other things, his boss’ job performance. You can only imagine what he said. Not liking what he heard, the boss told him he could resign or he could be fired when he arrived at work the next day.

But it doesn’t end there.

In a civil lawsuit James says his boss violated his privacy by listening to the pocket-dialed conversation. Yup a guy accidentally called his boss, complained about his boss to his wife as the boss listened on the other end of the line, and is now suing because the boss listened!



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