LISTEN: The Best of Derringer in the Morning – May 10th, 2018

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The Daily Derringer Podcast from May 9th, 2018. 


Yo Mama Jokes 

Jenn tells the story of a school bus driver who was fired for looking something up on her phone while driving a bus full of kids. What was she looking up, might you ask? Yo mama jokes. Ryan knows a bunch of them, and told us some of his favourites. He did NOT disappoint!


Guess Where The Fight Took Place! 

Ryan plays Guess Where The Fight Took Place! He shares some audio with us, and we have to guess where it happened. You can’t make this up…


Selling the dog after a breakup 

How would you feel if you and your partner broke up, and they sold your dog? That’s what one guy decided to do (we’re guessing out of spite), and his poor ex just wants to get it back. That’s a dirty move. Sell all of her other things, but don’t sell the dog!!!


Denny’s Drama

This is awful, and so un-Canadian! Unfortunately, some terrible things were said to a group of men at a Denny’s restaurant in Alberta. Fortunately, the lady that said these things lost her job because of it! Have a listen to the audio…


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