Woman In Floral Dress Breaks Up Street Fight

So yesterday on College St. two dudes decided to take their road rage frustration into the street getting out of their cars and fist fighting in front of a bunch of other people just trying to go about their day. The brawl goes on until a woman in a floral dress gets out of her car and breaks up the fight. How did she do it? She probably just yelled “HEY” a bunch until they stopped.


This reminds me of the Pizza Pizza fight on Queen and Broadview in the sense of it was just absolute stupidity…

But my favorite part of this video is the shame walk both of the dudes do to go pick up their phones, because you just know the moment they picked them up they realized how stupid that whole situation was…

Here’s the article if you want to read more:

Toronto road-rage brawl captured on video

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