Survivor Castaway: "We were all exhausted."

Kolter Bouchard: There were two cyclones this week: your exit and an actual natural disaster. What was it like returning to a ravaged campsite, especially given the awful weather this season?

Natalie Cole: It was terrible. We were all exhausted and returned to a campsite that was full of debris and a shelter which had fallen. It was demoralizing, but we did not spend much time thinking about it and got busy putting things back in place.

Earlier this season, Angelina asked you to procure the jackets of two outgoing castaways; how did you feel when, during your exit, she asked for yours?

I felt as if she entirely missed her mark on reading me well. She was transparent and her game was transparent. I did not fully trust her as I had caught her in a couple of lies.  But, also she had shared info that was value and verifiably accurate.  I managed her as if she were an informant and I was a detective as I could never outright believe anything she said. I knew she wanted my jacket and I believed she was willing to vote me out for it.  Leaving her my jacket was never a consideration. I knew she was behind my vote as Mike never made one single decision while we were out there.

You’re a successful businessperson; what career strengths did you bring into the game and how will this experience improve your job performance?

Sales. I will definitely be more cognizant of how people perceive me and my style of communication.  Whenever we communicate more effective, our performance is enhanced.

What is a single piece of information you wish you had during the game and how would it have affected your standing?

Knowing that I could not trust Angelina as it took a few days and realizing I received a few lies that I was acting on.  Had I known she was to not be trusted, I could have saved time and effort I put in on things that were not winnable. I would have also considered connecting with Nick and Lyrsa in the end as Mike had bonded with Jeremy and resentful that he was voted out rather over me.

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