A U.K. cave diver helped rescue 12 boys in Thailand — he was just rescued from another cave

Cell phone video captured the moment expert diver Josh Bratchley came up for fresh air after finding himself trapped for hours in a Tennessee cave.

Nine months have passed since a team of divers helped 12 young Thai soccer players out of a cave in which they were trapped for nearly three weeks.

Josh Bratchley, a cave diver from the U.K., was among the personnel who helped them escape.

He became a member of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) after his involvement.

On Wednesday, though, he required his own rescue after he became trapped in a cave in Tennessee, CNN reported.

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Bratchley and a group of other seasoned divers had entered the Mill Pond Cave, which is located in Gainesboro, north of Cookeville, on Tuesday.

Then, when they emerged from the cave, they discovered that Bratchley wasn’t with them, and called 911 the following morning.

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Divers started searching for Bratchley inside the cave at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday, ABC News reported.

He was found about an hour later.

“This dive is roughly 400 feet… it is tight passage,” Lt. Brian Krebs of the Hamilton County Rescue Squad said at a news conference.

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Divers from Florida and Arkansas had been called in to help with the rescue, CNN reported.

One of them, Florida diver Edd Sorenson, said he expected the worst due to the cold and a lack of visibility, NBC News reported.

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Most people he rescues are in a state of panic, but Bratchley was as “calm as could be,” thanking his rescuers as he emerged, Sorenson said.

Bratchley was taken out of the water and he later told officials he was “fine.”

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