Florida woman pulls foot-long alligator from her pants during traffic stop, police say

It seemed like another routine traffic stop on early Monday morning in Florida. Police soon discovered it was anything but when a female passenger removed a foot-long alligator from her yoga pants.

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were conducting a traffic stop in Punta Gorda when the bizarre incident took place.

During the stop, an officer asked the woman if she had anything else on her person, police said in a statement. Turns out she did.

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“Not to be outdone by #Floridaman, a #FloridaWoman pulled this alligator out of her pants this morning during a traffic stop after being asked the standard “Do you have anything else?” the sheriff’s office said on social media.

Police said the woman also had 41 striped turtles in her vehicle.

Citing a report, the Miami Herald said the incident unfolded after deputies spotted a pickup truck that failed to stop at a stop sign.

The male driver told officers he and his female passenger were trying to collect some frogs and snakes from under an overpass. Officers asked and were granted permission to search the bags in the vehicle just to make sure “they did not collect any wildlife they were not supposed to have,” the newspaper reported.

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Ariel Machan-Le Quire also gave police permission to search her backpack.

“Ariel opened the backpack that was on the passenger’s floorboard that revealed 41 small turtles,” police said in the incident report.

Machan-Le Quire then proceeded “to pull an alligator out of her yoga pants (about one foot in length) and placed it into the bed of the truck,” the report said.

Police said the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has taken over the investigation. It’s unclear if any charges have been laid.

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