A Bonerless Bathing Suit. I had no idea this was a problem...

Elaine Benes said it best “I don’t know how you guys walk around with those things”.

I mean I’ve heard that they pop up at the most inconvenient times in your teens but I didn’t realize this carried into adulthood.

If this is a growing concern at the beach or pool, Pornhub is selling a Bonerless Bathing Suit. Who knew they sold apparel? Do they have articles too?

“Inconvenient hard-on at the beach? Pornhub’s got you covered.

Introducing the Bonerless Bathing Suit, the cure for those beach boner blues. Whether it’s the swarms of half-naked bods, a warm breeze catching you just the right way, or simply because your little buddy’s got a mind of his own; if you start to rise, our patented Bonerless Technology will stop the tide. So grab your shades and your surfboard and leave your worries at home, because turning your next hard-on into a hard-off will be a day at the beach.”


Check out their ad on YouTube

Unfortunately they are sold out of most sizes except XL, of course.


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