It's not all globetrotting, jet-setting and peanuts: Flight attendants dispel myths

ODD JOBS: Flight crew members talk to us about the work, time and patience they go through to provide comfort, care and safety to travellers.

Contrary to popular belief, the job of a flight attendant is not all about glamorous globetrotting.

At least that’s what Air Transat flight director Lisa Moretti and flight attendant Maria Morihovitis told Global News as they prepared an Airbus 330 flying to Zagreb, Croatia.

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“I think that the media sometimes can sensationalize the life of a flight attendant,” Morihovitis said.

With the job comes a number of different misconceptions, they said.

“Common misconceptions about our job is that we are just there to pour drinks and serve food,” Moretti added, “when actually we are there for the safety of passengers.”

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Although they were reluctant to share their on-board pet peeves, they did mention one constant battle — jet lag.

“I’ve learned to cope with it over the years,” Moretti said.

“For example, when I fly all night and get to Europe, I like to right away go for about a three-hour nap and then wake up and proceed with what I do, like sightseeing and hanging out with the crew, and go for dinner and things like that. And then when I come home I like to just get as much sleep as I possibly can.”

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One of the most important skills as a flight attendant?

“You definitely to be a people person and be able to engage with the public,” Morihovitis said with a laugh.

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Moretti added that throughout her 21 years as a flight attendant, she’s met a lot of interesting individuals.

“A lot of different personalities and a lot of people that are going through things,” Moretti said. “We have happy, we have sad and we just try to care for everybody.”

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On May 31, flight crew members celebrate International Flight Attendant Day to recognize the work, time and patience that goes into providing comfort, care and safety to travellers.

We have a special job and flight attendants across the world are united in what we do,” Moretti  said.

“It’s really nice to be recognized for that.”

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