The Ongoing History of New Music, encore presentation: The Arkells in their own words, part 2

When you’re in a band and things begin to take off, life starts to move pretty fast. Days start to blur as you move from a gig to the studio, from the studio to the van, and back to playing gig after gig. Unless you have someone to document what’s happening, you run the risk of forgetting a lot of when you went through, both in terms of the good stuff and the bad One way to combat that is through talk therapy–or at least my version of it. This involves getting the entire band together at the same time and getting them to talk about their experiences. Once everyone starts to reminisce, the memories start flooding back. That’s what I was hoping for with Arkells when all five guys assembled for a long talk. This is part two of Arkells: In Their Own Words. Songs heard on this show (all songs by Arkells) Michigan Left 11:11 Leather Jacket (acoustic) Private School Drake’s Dad Knockin’ at the Door People’s Champ (Live) A full playlist has been provided by Eric Wilhite. The Ongoing History of New Music can be heard on the following stations: We’re still looking for more affiliates in Calgary, Kamloops, Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Brandon, Windsor,  Montreal, Halifax, Charlottetown, Moncton, Fredericton, and St John’s and anywhere else with a transmitter. If you’re in any of those markets and you want the show, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do. If you ever miss a show, you can always get the podcast edition available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your on-demand audio. <!– /wp:paragraph —

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