The Ongoing History of New Music, episode 893: The history of punk-punk, part 1

Before we get to the topic at hand, I’d like to revisit the movie Forrest Gump, specifically Forrest’s shrimp boat buddy, Benjamin Buford Blue, but you can just call him Bubba. He knew all the ways once could serve up shrimp. 


What Bubba could do for shrimp, other people did for punk. Punk rock comes in as many different varieties as shrimp.

There’s classic punk, hardcore punk, ska-punk, cyberpunk, synthpunk, anarcho-punk, cowpunk, gypsy punk, Christian punk, Celtic punk, art-punk, garage-punk, glam-punk, crust-punk, horror-punk, street-punk, melodic punk, Afro-punk, skate-punk, Chicano punk, folk-punk, and trall punk (I don’t know what that is, but it exists.).

We also have punk blues, punk pathetique, punk metal, riot grrrl, queercore, rapcore, straight edge, emo, and oi. Plus there’s a plethora of sub-sub-genres, including bent edge, deathcore, pornogrind, screamo, powerviolence, positive hardcore, nard core, nintendocore…and that’s about I know about that.

Most of these punk derivatives are pretty niche-y and few have a hope in hell of growing beyond a cult following. But a few have blown up into worldwide phenomenons, including a version I haven’t mentioned yet, which remains one of the most popular forms of punk rock of all time.

This is the history of pop-punk, part one.

Songs heard on this show:

  • Blink-182, All the Small Things
  • Ramones, Baby I Love You
  • The Jam, That’s Entertainment
  • Buzzcocks, What Do I Get?
  • Gen X, Dancing with Myself
  • Black Flag, TV Party
  • Bad Religion, We’re Only Gonna Die
  • Husker Du, Pink Turns to Blue
  • Social Distortion, Another State of Mind
  • The Vandals, Summer Lovin’
  • Green Day, Welcome to Paradise (original version)

Eric Wilhite has this playlist for us.

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