Sting @ Rebel

When Sting took to the REBEL Nightclub stage, on March 5th, it would be his first club gig in Toronto in “ages”. While most have seen the legendary-Brit in an arena or festival-type setting, seeing Sting in a smaller venue really helped to accentuate every move he made.

Opening the night with an acoustic number, “Heading South on the Great North Road”, he then brought out someone who he has known his whole life – his eldest son, Joe Sumner – to play a few tunes. The surprise acts did not stop there, as Sumner than introduced San Antonio-natives, The Last Bandoleros, a country-rock group. While there were no listed openers for the night, they both helped to warm the room up for Sting by the time he hit the stage.

And as he hit the stage, people could hardly believe what they were seeing – one fan even exclaiming, “It’s him! He’s right there). From kicking off with “Synchronicity II” and “Spirits in a Material World”, to ending the set with “So Lonely”  and “Roxanne”, Police fans had plenty to cheer about, but his solo work (“Fields of Gold”/”Desert Rose”) also stood tall next to those classic hits. He even payed a tribute to his late-friend, David Bowie, and played “Ashes to Ashes” with his son, Joe. His sheer musicality, and virtuosity on the bass, are simply impressive, although not surprising for a journeyman such as Sting. With moves like his, it doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. Thanks for the laughs, Sting!

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