Bon Jovi @ Air Canada Centre

Rocking his Toronto Maple Leafs muscle tee, Jon Bon Jovi graced the Air Canada Centre stage to a packed house for night one of his two night stop in Toronto. A familiar place for the New Jersey native, he and his band have played the venue more than any other act, earning them their own banner draped amongst the successes of our beloved Raptors and Leafs. Strutting around the stage a la Mick Jagger, Jovi had the crowd on their feet all night with hits new and old, including “Roller Coaster”, “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “Livin’ On A Prayer” and of course, “This House Is Not For Sale”.

Even for an act with the longevity of Bon Jovi, it was surprising to see the crowd get just as excited about the new stuff as the classics from their youth. Some things have changed of course, but this new era of music and touring does not seem to put Jovi off like some other musicians. Instead, he seems to embrace it, sharing with the crowd how much he enjoyed the connection he felt with his fans through social media and how much it meant to him that people responded to his latest album, This House Is Not For Sale, by sending him pictures of their homes, schools and other meaningful places that they felt deeply connected to. “Over the years,” he went on to mention, “the songs have become OURS, you all make them your own.”

Just as excited to take the stage as he has been his whole career, Jovi spent the night sharing stories of his journey with the band and, of course, how much he has loved playing Toronto all these years. As can be expected, Toronto was just as excited to have him back and it seems that in the Great White North, love for Bon Jovi is gonna live forever.

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