Blondie & Garbage @ Sony Centre

The Sony Centre hosted a double header of fierce, rebellious rock last night when both Blondie and Garbage came to town. Seeing either one of these legends would be a treat, but seeing both on the same night was downright amazing.

Grunge-pop act Garbage played a fair bit of newer material, including the pounding “No Horses”. They still got all the hits in though, including “I Think I’m Paranoid” and the appropriate “Only Happy When it Rains”. The extra long set also included the great 2001 single “Push It”.

New York scene setters Blondie haven’t lost a bit of their cool since their inception in 1974, and Debbie Harry proved it yesterday by dressing up as a bee as she fronted the new wave act. Promoting awareness of honey bee preservation and the band’s new album Pollinator, she rocked the outfit as only she could. Though her cape got tangled up in her antennae at one point, she laughed it off and said “I shall persevere!” The band blazed through a wide assortment of songs from their four decades together, including “One Way or Another”, “Fun”, “Call Me” and “Heart of Glass”. It was a fantastic set that further reinforced the band’s reputation as timeless tastemakers.

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