Kim Mitchell @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre

“We’re all here for a celebration!” sang Kim Mitchell as he tore into his Max Webster hit “The Party”. It was almost one year since he last played the Phoenix and the local legend was absolutely ferocious as he pulled out solo after solo on his guitar.

Speaking of ferocious- the crowd was once again absolutely rabid for Kim Mitchell. The dynamic frontman seemed to absorb the energy in the room and threw it right back at his adoring fans. Drawing upon his rich catalogue of both his solo work and his Max Webster hits, Mitchell roared to life and brought the good times. He had so much energy in fact that he decided to forgo an opening act and instead played two full sets.

Honestly speaking, the man can be considered somewhat of an ambassador of good times; many of his hits are simply about enjoying life and having a ball. “I Am A Wild Party”, “Patio Lanterns”, “Go For Soda” and the aforementioned “The Party” were very well received by the good natured crowd. It’s hard to believe that first self-titled Max Webster album was release over four decades ago, as Mitchell has double the tenacity of a frontman just starting his career. With his trendy t-shirt and cool dude shades, it’s now second nature for him to let loose and blow the crowd away with his effortless showmanship.

Fan favourites “Paradise Skies” and “All We Are” had the audience reeling in delight, fists in the air during the many theatrical guitar solos. Kim Mitchell knows exactly how to pump the adrenaline in all the right ways. With this knowledge he has delivered so much joy through his music over the past 40 years and continues to without hesitation- after all, it’s his Rock And Roll Duty. Let’s hope he makes this an annual party!

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